Undergraduate 2017-2018


Kenneth W. Monfort College of Business

Minor Requirements — 18 Credits

The Entrepreneurship minor is designed for students with a business major. A key feature of the minor is the applied aspect and the customization of course work to fit the student’s particular interests and career plans. Through the course work in this minor, a student can test an idea and its viability as a new venture start-up.

Admission to the minor requires that a business major be in academic good standing in both the Monfort College of Business and the University of Northern Colorado.

Students are expected to complete the prerequisites for all courses in the minor. The prerequisites are also part of the Liberal Arts Core program and can be included in LAC preparation.

Minor requirements

Take all of the following courses - (18 credits):

BAMG 355Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship


BAMG 407Small Business Counseling



BAMK 407Small Business Counseling


BAMG 451Managing New Business Ventures


BAMG 492Internship in Management

1- 3

BAMK 368Marketing Analysis and Research


ECON 310Economics of Entrepreneurship


Transfer Credit. Students may transfer a maximum of 6 semester credits with a "BA" prefix toward the minor from other institutions.

To graduate with an Entrepreneurship Minor, a student must attain a 2.0 or greater cumulative business GPA and attain at least a "C-" grade in each individual course required for the Entrepreneurship Minor.