Undergraduate 2017-2018

Interdisciplinary Programs

Environmental and Sustainability Studies B.A

The Environmental Studies Program comprises an interdisciplinary effort by faculty from many departments across the university to help individuals understand and address the significant challenges facing a growing human population dependent on the natural resources of a finite planet. See Undergraduate Programs section for more information.

Interdisciplinary Studies B.A., Student Designed Major

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies enables and undergraduate student to pursue an interdisciplinary theme of study he or she has devised in substitution for the traditional major. Each student works with two faculty advisors who assist in constructing a program of coursework that will meet the student’s objectives. This program affords students the opportunity to pursue topics of study tailored to meet their individual interests and needs.

Graduates will benefit by pursuing a major that develops awareness of the interrelatedness and wholeness of knowledge. This program enables students to integrate knowledge focusing on both contemporary and lasting human issues and problems. Students will develop both theoretical and practical approaches to topics. This major will provide the groundwork for students who aspire to useful careers in such important fields as urban affairs, business relations, environmental protection, human development and international relations. See Undergraduate Programs section for more information.

Leadership Studies Minor

The purpose of the Leadership Studies Minor is to develop students to become socially just and ethical leaders through the study of leadership theory and demonstrated engaged leadership practice within a systemic and global framework.

Students declared in the Leadership Studies minor will:

  1. Identify and understand contemporary leadership theories and research;
  2. Develop a critical consciousness of self and apply social justice, globalism, and ethics to leadership practice;
  3. Demonstrate systems thinking and empathy;
  4. Reflect upon and apply leadership within a social, cultural, political and enterprise contexts;
  5. Demonstrate an ability to engage in leadership through a practical setting.

Leadership Studies Minor will complement any academic major at UNC and will serve as a meaningful contextual experience for most career fields.

For advising information, please contact Leadership Studies Academic Advisor or Director for Leadership Studies: leaders@unco.edu or 970-351-1691.