Undergraduate 2017-2018

University College Seminars


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The Office of Academic Support and Advising coordinates several first year courses that will support students’ successful transition to UNC.

For entering freshman, UNIV 101: Foundations for Learning and Development, a Liberal Arts Core (LAC) elective course, is designed to help with the transition from high school to UNC by promoting students continued intellectual, personal, and professional growth and development. UNIV 101 class sizes are small, highly interactive, and designed  to both support and challenge students. In this type of environment, students’ potential for growth and development in the areas or reading, writing, and critical thinking is maximized. Each student who participates in UNIV 101 is enrolled in the course based on their specific major, program, or school. As a result, students have the opportunity to quickly make new friends and build strong support systems to help them succeed. With UNIV 101, students can earn 3 credits towards the 40 Liberal Arts Core credits that are required for graduation. For additional information including course objectives, please see the UNIV 101 website at http://www.unco.edu/university-101/index.aspx.

For students who are transferring to UNC from another institution of higher education, FYE 108: First Year Seminar, is a course designed to help students understand UNC’s expectations, values, and requirements while helping them navigate UNC. These courses are also small to help individualize the level of support needed for transfer students to be successful.