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Recording Arts Certificate

Program Overview

College of Performing and Visual Arts

This six-course certificate is designed for music students who want to pursue a career in the music industry involving music technology and/or who want to be able to record, produce, and market their music at a professional level. Through the course of study, the students will develop a solid foundation on contemporary technologies and related techniques such as MIDI, digital music notation, sequencing, samplers, recording, microphone techniques, mixing, composition using the latest music software, basics of scoring for video (film, advertising, video games, among others), the art of music production, critical listening, the basics of music publishing, copyrights, promotion, marketing, and much more.

The certificate will be offered using UNC’s music technology facilities, which include a state-of-the-art professional studio, a 30-station computer lab with the latest music software, and two project studios available to students for basic recording, pre/post production, editing, and more.

Minimum entrance requirements

Students from other disciplines might be accepted into the certificate program following consultation and approval from the program director.

After successful completion of MUS 209 Introduction to Music Technology, interested students may declare their intent to continue with more advanced courses, leading toward the completion of the certificate. Full acceptance into the upper level of the certificate program is determined through a personal interview with the program director.

Certificate Requirements — 12 Credits

Required Credits – 12 Credits

MUS 209Introduction to Music Technology


MUS 251Survey of the Music Business


MUS 313Digital Composition


MUS 343Recording Techniques


MUS 354Advanced Recording Techniques


MUS 405Music Production


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