Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

Public Health M.P.H. — Community Health Education Emphasis

The Master of Public Health (MPH) is the primary professional degree in the field of public health, training students for a variety of public health areas. The program provides a broad, multidisciplinary focus on the factors that influence population health from behavioral risk to environmental exposures to socioeconomic and health policy. Students acquire knowledge, skills and practical experiences that prepare them for professional activities, including: epidemiological and health services research; community needs assessment; environmental and occupational health; health policy; health promotion; and administration of public health programs. Graduates find work in research settings, health care settings, industry, government health agencies, community-based organizations and foundations, and global health. Physicians, veterinarians, nurses and other health care professionals also comprise a portion of the MPH student body, acquiring graduate training in public health to enhance their understanding of the preventive measures and underlying causes of disease.

The future of public health, a field dedicated to improving the health of populations, depends on the collaboration of educators, researchers, policy makers, communities and citizens. The Colorado School of Public Health, collaboratively formed by the University of Colorado Denver, Colorado State University and the University of Northern Colorado, is the first and only school of public health in the Rocky Mountain region. Combining transferable courses, faculty and resources, the collaborative school allows students to access specializations, research and service centers located at the three universities.

The MPH with emphases in Community Health Education and Global Health-Community Health Education offered at UNC aims to prepare students to work with diverse populations and work within communities to prevent disease and develop positive, healthy lifestyles. Because of the great latitude within the field of community health education, the program allows students to tailor their program to emphasize special interests in public health. The Community Health Education and Global Health-Community Health Education concentrations are designed to prepare students to serve as administrators or practitioners in a variety of health education settings. The curriculum is based upon the Council of Education for Public Health's accreditation guidelines.

Admission: Applications to the MPH program are accepted yearly for fall entry, with a preferred deadline of January 15, but with applications accepted until May 1. Applicants should have a bachelor's degree and submit the required application and materials as listed on

Students who seek public health training have varied backgrounds and levels of experience, though many students have a bachelor's degree in a biological or sociological science. In addition, a significant number of students are currently employed while seeking professional training and advancement. Approximately 30-40% of students have a prior graduate or professional degree, including fields such as nursing, medicine, veterinary medicine, law, social work, and various laboratory sciences.

Students in the Community Health Education track are prepared to work in population based programs-helping prevent disease and developing positive health lifestyles.

CU Denver, on behalf of the School, will confer the professional degrees (MPH, DrPH) with each Party's signature and seal shown on the diploma. Final recommendations about students' eligibility for graduation will be made by the Dean of the School or designee, who will forward the recommendations as specified in the policies of the CU Board of Regents, CSU Board of Governors and UNC Board of Trustees.

Registration: In those terms when students are enrolled in courses at the University of Colorado Denver and/or Colorado State University, with no registration at the University of Northern Colorado, a registration placeholder, MPH 599, will be added to the student record. MPH 599 is a course under the authorization of the University of Northern Colorado as part of the Master of Public Health exchange program.

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Public Health M.P.H. — Community Health Education Emphasis