Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

Department of Human Services

Chair: David Slykhuis, Ph.D. (Interim)

Location: Gunter 1250

Telephone: 970.351.2403

Fax: 970.351.1255


Rehabilitation Counseling

Location: Gunter 1250

Telephone: 970.351.2403

Fax: 970.351.1255


Rehabilitation Faculty: Jill Bezyak, Ph.D.; Erin Moser, Ph.D.

Emeritus Faculty: Juliet H. Fried, Ed.D.; Dennis A. Gay, Ph.D.; Raymond E. Nelson, Ph.D.; Joseph N. Ososkie, Ph.D.

The Department of Human Services houses the only rehabilitation degree program in Colorado. Students in this program are prepared at the professional level to work with people with physical and/or mental disabilities. The Rehabilitation Counseling graduate program includes experiences through practica and internships.

Careers in rehabilitation are available in areas of direct service, administration, teaching, and research.

The mission of the Rehabilitation program is to educate Master's students in the area of rehabilitation counseling to assist and support individuals with disabilities or chronic illnesses to achieve maximum potential, meaningful employment, and full community integration. In doing so, the program focuses on encouraging students to pursue a life-long commitment to learning, critical thinking skills, creative problem solving, and an appreciation of the skills and abilities of the individuals with disabilities.

Admission: The student must submit materials directly to the Graduate School. Materials sent to the program will not be reviewed. In addition to application materials required by the Graduate School, the Rehabilitation Counseling program requires:

  1. Two letters of recommendation.
  2. Provide a current resume.
  3. A statement of interest covering the following topics (maximum of 8 pages double-spaced)
    1. What factors and events motivated your interest in rehabilitation?
    2. Discuss your attitude and philosophy in general. Describe your attitude or philosophy toward research, community change and advocacy.
    3. What are your career and educational goals? Why have you chosen rehabilitation counseling as your area of study? In what role and in what organizational setting would you ultimately like to be employed?
    4. What past exposure have you had to rehabilitation? Include any coursework or work experience (paid or volunteer) you have had. If you have had none, provide a justification of your current interest in the field.
    5. How would you describe your strengths and weaknesses? This should cover such areas as academic ability, ability to form effective counseling relationships, ability to work with individuals from various cultural backgrounds, capacity to work with others, leadership and ability to cope with stress.

Rehabilitation Counseling M.A.

The Rehabilitation Counseling M.A. program is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs (CACREP).

All students who graduate will be eligible to earn the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) designation and will be prepared to enter the professional Rehabilitation Counseling field in public and/or private rehabilitation programs.

For degree and program requirements, see:

Rehabilitation Counseling M.A.