Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

Other Programs in the College of Natural and Health Sciences

Graduate Interdisciplinary Degree Program M.A.

Science Education Emphasis

This fully online program is coordinated by Science Teacher Education Programs and is designed specifically for practicing teachers. Teachers will increase their science content and pedagogical content knowledge as well as gain expertise in inquiry-focused teaching strategies, build understanding of diverse learners, and develop strategies to reflect upon how their teaching impacts their students. In addition, it will provide the opportunity for the teacher to investigate a research question(s) of their choosing. See

Admission: Students will be admitted to the program on the basis of:

  1. A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university,
  2. One year of teaching experience in K-12 educational setting,
  3. Transcripts,
  4. At least two letters of recommendation from persons familiar with their academic and teaching performance,
  5. Resume,
  6. A 500 word letter of intent addressing interest in the program, their educational goals, areas of study, and topics of potential research interest.

All admission criteria as listed above are taken into consideration for acceptance into the Science Education Emphasis program. Admission to the Graduate School does not guarantee admission to the Science Education Emphasis graduate program.

For degree and program requirements, see:

Graduate Interdisciplinary Degree Program M.A. — Science Education Emphasis