Graduate Catalog 2021-2022


Lauren Jacobson, M.M.

(2012), Associate Professor Music, Clarinet - University of Northern Colorado. B.M.E.; Eastman School of Music, M.M. (G)

Andrea James, Ph.D.

(2016), Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences - San Francisco State University, B.S.; Stanford University, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Molly M. Jameson, Ph.D.

(2015), Assistant Professor of Psychological Sciences - Indiana State University, B.A.; Ball State University, M.A.; Ball State University, Ph.D. (G)  

Robert Thomas Jensen, M.A.

(2017), Lecturer of Mathematical Sciences - University of Northern Colorado, B.S.; University of Northern Colorado, M.A.

Erinn M. Jimmerson, Au.D.

(2013), Lecturer of Audiology and Speech-Language Sciences - University of Northern Colorado, B.A.; University of Northern Colorado, M.A.; Salus University, Au.D. (G)

Brian D. Johnson, Ph.D.

(1998), Professor of Counseling Psychology - University of Iowa, B.S.; University of Iowa, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Katherine M. Johnson, Ph.D.

(2002), Associate Professor of Geography - Muhlenberg College, B.A.; Tufts University, M.A.; University of California-Berkeley, Ph.D.

Patricia Jolly M.A.

(2006), Senior Lecturer of Anthropology - University of Northern Colorado, B.A.; Regis University, M.A.

Rebecca Joy, M.F.A.

(2017), Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts - Ithaca College, B.F.E.; Temple University, M.F.A.

George H. Junne, Jr., Ph.D.

(1992), Professor of Africana Studies - University of Michigan, B.F.A.; University of Michigan, M.A.; University of Michigan, Ph.D. (G)

Richard Robert Jurin, Ph.D.

(2000), Associate Professor of Biological Science - Chartered Biologist and Member of the Institute of Biology, B.A.; Chartered Biologist and Member of the Institute of Biology, M.A.; Ohio State University, M.S.; Ohio State University, Ph.D. (G, DR)