Graduate Catalog 2021-2022


Katie J. Kage, Ph.D., R.D.N.

(2015), Assistant Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics - Kansas State University, B.S.; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, M.S.; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Ph.D. (G)

Danielle M. Kahlo, Ph.D.

(2009), Associate Professor of Applied Psychology and Counselor Education - University of Mississippi, B.A.; University of Mississippi, M.A.; University of Northern Colorado, Ph.D. (G)

Hyun (Hannah) Kang, Ph.D.

(2013), Associate Professor of Teacher Education - Duksung Women's University, B.A.; Arizona State University, M.Ed.; Arizona State University, Ph.D. (G)

Gulden Karakok, Ph.D.

(2010), Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences - Middle East Technical University, B.A.; University of Oregon, M.S.; Oregon State University, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Nancy J. Karlin, Ph.D.

(1990), Professor of Psychological Sciences - Evangel College, B.A.; Fort Hays State University, M.S.; Colorado State University, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Deborah Kauffman, D.M.A.

(1999), Professor of Music - University of California-Santa Barbara, B.M.; University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, M.M.; Stanford University, D.M.A. (G, DR)

James A. Keaten, Ph.D.

(1991), Professor of Communication - Montclair State College, B.A.; Pennsylvania State University, M.A.; Pennsylvania State University, Ph.D. (G)

Susan M. Keenan, Ph.D.

(2006), Professor of Biological Sciences - University of Missouri St. Louis, B.A.; St. Louis Medical School, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Michael Kimball Ph.D.

(2013), Professor of Anthropology - College of the Atlantic Bar Harbor ME, B.A.; University of Wisconsin-Madison, M.A.; University of Wisconsin- Madison, Ph.D. (G)

Paul Klaczynzki, Ph.D.

(2007), Associate Professor of Psychological Sciences - St. Bonaventure University, B.A.; West Virginia University, M.A.; West Virginia University, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Phil Klein, Ph.D.

(1997), Professor of Geography - University of California-Santa Cruz, B.A.; University of California, Los Angles, M.A.; University of Colorado-Boulder, Ph.D. (G)

Lynn Klyde-Allaman, Ph.D.

(2000), Professor of Journalism and Media Studies - Indiana University, B.A.; University of North Carolina, M.A.; Ohio University, Ph.D.

James A. Kole, Ph.D.

(2013), Associate Professor of Psychological Sciences - University of Colorado-Boulder, B.A.; University of Colorado - Boulder, M.A.; University of Colorado - Boulder, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Steven Kovalcheck, M.M.

(2013), Associate Professor of Music - University of Tennessee, B.M.; University of Northern Colorado, M.M. (G)

Keiko Krahnke, Ph.D.

(1999), Professor of Management - Doshisha Women’s College, B.A.; Colorado State University, M.A.; Colorado State University, Ph.D. (G. DR)

Reiner Kramer, Ph.D.

(2019), Assistant Professor of Music - University of North Texas, B.M., M.M., Ph.D.

Jennifer M. Krause, Ph.D.

(2013), Assistant Professor of Sport and Exercise Science - Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, M.S.; George Mason University, M.Ed.; University of Virginia, Ph.D. (G)

Jeraldine Kraver, Ph.D.

(2002), Professor of English - Georgetown University, B.A.; Southern Connecticut State University, M.A.; University of Kentucky, Ph.D. (G)

Justin Krawitz, D.M.A.

(2014), Associate Professor of Music - University of Cape Town, B.M.; University of Cape Town, M.M.; University of Wisconsin-Madison, D.M.A. (G, DR)

Heng-Yu Ku, Ph.D.

(2001), Professor of Teacher Education - Arizona State University, B.A.; Arizona State University, M.A.T.; Arizona State University, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Christina Kuchmaner, Ph.D.

(2020), Assistant Professor of Marketing - Youngstown State University, B.S.B.A.; Youngstown State University, M.B.A.; Kent State University, Ph.D.

Charles A, Kuehn, Ph.D.

(2015), Associate Professor of Astronomy - The Ohio State University, B.S.; Michigan State University, M.S.; Michigan State University, Ph.D.

Britney Kyle, Ph.D.

(2012), Associate Professor of Anthropology - University of Colorado, B.A.; The Ohio State University, M.A.; The Ohio State University, Ph.D.

Christine D. Kyser, Ed.D.

(2014), Assistant Professor of Literacy - Rollins College, B.A.; Colorado Mesa University, M.A.; University of Northern Colorado, Ed.D.