Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

Office of Dean of Students

This office seeks to enhance and recognize student learning and personal responsibility by:

  • Serving as an information and referral center for the campus community;
  • Providing case management for student concerns which may include consultation with faculty and staff;
  • Holding students accountable for behavior that is inconsistent with University community's expectations (as outlined in the BEAR Code).

To contact this office, call (970) 351-2001, email or visit

Student Bill of Rights

The General Assembly implemented the Student Bill of Rights (C.R.S. 23-1-125) to assure that students enrolled in public institutions of higher education have the following rights:

  1. A quality general education experience that develops competencies in reading, writing, mathematics, technology and critical thinking through an integrated arts and science experience.
  2. Students should be able to complete their associate of arts and associate of science degree programs in no more than sixty credit hours or their baccalaureate programs in no more than one hundred twenty credit hours unless there are additional degree requirements recognized by the commission;
  3. A student can sign a two-year or four-year graduation agreement that formalizes a plan for that student to obtain a degree in two or four years, unless there are additional degree requirements recognized by the commission;
  4. Students have a right to clear and concise information concerning which courses must be completed successfully to complete their degrees;
  5. Students have a right to know which courses are transferable among the state public two-year and four-year institutions of higher education;
  6. Students, upon successful completion of core general education courses should have those courses satisfy the core course requirements of all Colorado public institutions of higher education;
  7. Students have a right to know if courses from one or more public higher education institutions satisfy the students' graduation requirements;
  8. A student's credit for the completion of the core requirements and core courses shall not expire for ten years from the date of initial enrollment and shall be transferable.

Student Conduct Code

Please see the Student Code of Conduct located on the Dean of Students website: