Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

Educational Studies Ed.D.

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

See "Educational Studies Ed.D."

Administered by the School of Teacher Education. The degree prepares candidates to understand the relationship among research, policy, and practice in education in order to contribute to reforming educational systems. Candidates are expected to assume roles as university faculty members, educational leaders in school districts and state and federal agencies, district level curriculum specialists, and to assume leadership roles in nonprofit and private sectors. Programs of study for degree candidates will be individualized to meet candidate’s career goals. The extent of an individual’s program will be dependent upon previous college work and professional experience, but the minimum is 64 credits.

Graduate applicants for this degree must complete a free School of Teacher Education on-line graduate application and submit a writing sample in addition to the UNC Graduate School application.

Degree Requirements — 64 Credits

Educational Studies Core — 12 hours

EDF 670Introduction of Research Literature


EDF 685Philosophical Foundations of Education


EDF 700Implementation and Evaluation of Curriculum



EDF 701Doctoral Seminar


EDF 701: Take at least three times

Research Core — 12 hours

(Coursework completed previously may be substituted for related research courses, within limits allowed by Graduate School)

SRM 602Statistical Methods I


SRM 680Introduction to Qualitative Research


Take two from among the following:

Substitutions may be coordinated with your advisor.

EDF 601Discourse Analysis in Language and Literacy Research


EDF 795Comprehensive Seminar


SRM 603Statistical Methods II


SRM 641Special Topics

1- 4

SRM 685Educational Ethnography


SRM 700Advanced Research Methods


SRM 641: with advisor consent

Multidisciplinary cognate — 24 hours

Candidates will design the cognate with the assistance of their program advisor.

Possible Cognates:

  • Curriculum Studies
  • Reading
  • Mathematics Education
  • Bilingual, Multicultural, and ESL Education
  • Innovation and Education Reform

Dissertation — 16 hours

EDF 797Doctoral Proposal Research

1- 4

EDF 799Doctoral Dissertation


EDF 797: Take 4 hours

EDF 799: Take 12 hours

Scholarly paper requirement

Students are required to submit for publication one paper to a professional journal prior to dissertation proposal hearing. Other research endeavors prior to the dissertation are encouraged. Students may take EDF 795 Comprehensive Seminar to support the writing of a scholarly paper.