Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

Mathematics Graduate Certificate

College of Natural and Health Sciences

The certificate provides individuals with a broad background in mathematics at the graduate level.

The certificate is designed for those individuals who need 18 credit hours in graduate mathematics to meet the Higher Learning Commission's credential requirement for teaching undergraduate mathematics courses.

Admission Requirements

At least 24 hours of undergraduate mathematics coursework at the level of Calculus I or above with at least a 2.8 GPA.

Certificate Requirements — 18 Credits

Required Credits — 9 hours

Three of the following four courses (to total 9 credits):

MATH 534Continuous Mathematics


MATH 543Modern Geometry


MATH 550Applied Probability and Statistics


MATH 591Abstract Algebra and Number Theory


Elective Credits — 9 hours

Nine additional credit hours of graduate level (500 or above) mathematics courses. These may include the fourth course from the list of required courses. Five hundred level courses are the most suitable, and recommended courses include:

MATH 520Functions and Equations


MATH 528Discrete Mathematics


MATH 529Mathematical Problem Solving


MATH 537Mathematical Modeling


MATH 564History of Mathematics


MATH 595Topics in Mathematics

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