Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

Sociology M.A. — Thesis Emphasis

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

See “Sociology M.A.

The master’s program in Sociology emphasizes the application of sociological theory and research methods to various social problems experienced by groups, communities, organizations, schools, and governmental bodies. The thesis emphasis program culminates in a thesis research project.

Degree Requirements — 30 Credits

Required Sociology Credits — 21 credits

SOC 539Seminar in Sociological Practice


SOC 552Applied Social Theory


SOC 597Special Topics in Inequality


SOC 660Applied Social Research


SOC 699Thesis

1- 6

SOC 699:  Take 6 credits

Take one of the following (both preferred):

SOC 562Social Statistics


SOC 563Qualitative Methods


Elective Credits — 9 credits

Elective credits may be any 500 or 600 level courses in Sociology.


The thesis requires six SOC 699 credit hours to be taken in 3-credit increments. Completion of the thesis requires oral defenses of the proposal and the final draft before a faculty committee. Students who are interested in conducting a thesis project must consult their advisor and apply for this option to the Sociology graduate faculty during their second semester of study.