Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

Department of Geography, GIS, and Sustainability

Location: Candelaria 2200

Email: HSS@unco.edu

Faculty: Karen S. Barton, Ph.D.; James P. Doerner, Ph.D.; Katherine M. Johnson, Ph.D.; Phil Klein, Ph.D.; Jieun Lee, Ph.D.; Chelsie Romulo, Ph.D.; Jessica Salo, Ph.D.

Course(s) Offered (Prefix):

Program(s) Offered:

Geography and GIS

Geography is the study of the social, environmental and locational processes that create diversity from place to place on the earth's surface.

Through the formal study of geography, students develop a perspective that helps to explain the reasons for and the significance of local, regional and world patterns and analyzes the role of locational factors in human affairs.

All emphasis areas provide the opportunity for directed independent study and actual experience as interns.

Geography facilities include a geographic information science laboratory. A large, well-organized map collection is available in Michener Library.

Environmental and Sustainability Studies

The Environmental and Sustainability Studies major is an interdisciplinary program designed to help students understand and address the significant challenges facing a growing human population dependent on the natural resources of a finite planet.

It is ideal for those interested in the intersection between science, policy, and sustainability.
Students apply a wide array of disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to analyzing complex environmental and sustainability challenges.
Its focus on interconnected issues of sustainability can lead to, and complement, any number of career paths.