Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

Leadership Studies

Location: Candelaria 1265

Email: HSS@unco.edu

Website: www.unco.edu/leadership-studies/

Faculty: Thomas Endres, Ph.D.

Course(s) Offered (Prefix):

Program(s) Offered:

The purpose of the Leadership Studies Minor is to educate, motivate, and equip students to confront the challenges of leadership in a complex, connected and diverse world.

Students declared in the Leadership Studies minor will:

  • Develop critical and strategic ways of understanding the complex human systems, including effective ways to turn analysis into planning and subsequent action.
  • Recognize, understand, and adapt to emotional information in ways that maximize team-building, empathy, perspective-taking, and collaboration.
  • Develop and practice a repertoire of decision-making skills, making optimal decisions based upon the unique social, economic, and cultural factors that characterize the situation.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of both normative and applied ethics, including the role of justice in diverse contexts.

Leadership Studies Minor will complement any academic major at UNC and will serve as a meaningful contextual experience for most career fields.