Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

School of Music

Interim Director: Charles Hansen, D.M.A.

Interim Associate Director: Carissa Reddick, Ph.D.

Location: Frasier Hall 108

Telephone: 970.351.2993

Website: arts.unco.edu/music

Graduate Coordinator: Carissa Redick, Ph.D.

Faculty: John Adler, D.M.A.; Erik Applegate, M.M.; Jonathan Bellman, D.M.A.; Mary Kathryn Brewer, D.A.; Wesley Braodnax, Ph.D.; Jill Burleson Burgett, D.A.; Jason Byrnes, D.M.; Brian Casey, D.M.A.; Vijay Chalasani, A.B.D.; Derek Chester, D.M.A.; Andrew Dahlke, D.M.A.; Janice Dickensheets, D.A.; Ludek Drizhal, M.M.; Paul Elwood, Ph.D.; Gal Faganel, D.M.A; Lindsay Fulcher, Ph.D.; Nathan Fulks, D.M.A.; Socrates Garcia, D.A.; Nancy Glen, D.A.; Russell Guyver, D.M.A.; James Hall, D.M.A.; Charles A. Hansen, D.M.A.; Lauren Jacobson, M.M.; Deborah Kauffman, D.M.A.; Stephen Kovalcheck, D.M.A.; Reiner Kramer, Ph.D.; Justin Krawitz, D.M.A.; Dana B. Landry, M.M.; Brian Clay Luedloff, M.F.A.; Melissa Malde, D.M.A.; Mark Montemayor, Ph.D.; Charles Moore, D.M.A.; Sarah Off, D.M.A.; Michael Oravitz, Ph.D.; Carissa Reddick, Ph.D.; Edward Rothmel, D.M.A.; Julie Strom, D.A.; Lei Weng, D.M.A.; James White, M.A.; Nathaniel G. Wickham, D.M.A.; William Wilson, M.M.; Jittapim Yamprai, D.A.; Drew Zaremba, M.M.; Adam Zukiewicz, D.M.A.

Course(s) Offered (Prefix):

Program(s) Offered:

Approximately 500 music majors annually have made UNC’s School of Music their choice for many reasons. The School of Music offers nationally recognized faculty with specialists on every instrument. There are more than 50 performing ensembles, a number of which are nationally recognized.

The UNC School of Music, with 40 full-time and 20 part-time faculty, is organized into seven program areas, each with an area head. The program areas are Winds and Percussion, Strings, Keyboard, Vocal, Academic Studies, Music Education, and Jazz Studies.

Students may choose from a full range of degrees, bachelor through doctoral programs, and from emphases in performance, conducting, music education, composition, jazz studies, and music history. Considerable variety and depth of course offerings are available at UNC.

General objectives of the University of Northern Colorado School of Music are based on service and leadership in the arts at local, state, regional, national and international levels.

An integral unit within the University, the School of Music embraces the role and mission statements of the University of Northern Colorado and has designed its goals and objectives to support and enhance institutional purposes and directions.

The primary goal of the UNC School of Music is to develop skilled and sensitive musicians at the undergraduate, master's and doctoral levels, including performers, conductors, educators, composers, historians, theorists and music administrators. The UNC School of Music maintains a two-fold objective of providing the strongest preparation possible in music education, theory, and history, while encouraging the highest standards of performance.

School of Music graduates are well regarded in the professional world. UNC-prepared educators hold positions at universities, colleges, high schools, junior high and elementary schools throughout the United States and the world. School of Music performance graduates are found in professional symphony orchestras, opera and musical theatre repertory companies, the nation's premier military ensembles, prominent free-lance careers in metropolitan centers, and in professional chamber ensembles and jazz bands.

Major Musical Organizations

*For jazz studies students and other students whose primary applied lessons are in jazz, the following Major Musical Organizations apply.

Undergraduate Admission Requirements: Students planning to major in music are required to submit an application for admission to the School of Music. An audition is required for all applicants to music degree programs; for some graduate programs, an interview may be conducted in lieu of an audition. Current School of Music admission guidelines are available at: http://arts.unco.edu/music/apply/.

Students meeting the general admission requirements of the University may be accepted as undeclared majors. However, students may only be designated as music majors upon successful completion of the School of Music application and audition process.

Minimum Proficiencies: Minimum proficiency in music fundamentals and ear training as assessed by the Music Theory Placement Exam to enter MUS 113/114.

School Policies: In all MUS courses, a student must receive C- or better to fulfill degree requirements.

Any students receiving lower than a C- in a MUS prefix class for the second time in the same class will be placed on probation. If the students receives lower than a C- a third time in the same class, the student will be removed from the major. 

Students are required to take MUS 100 7-8 times, based on degree. This is not tied to lessons.

After students have fulfilled the requirements for applied lesson in their degree, additional applied lesson will be at the discretion of the studio teacher and Director.

All students in applied lessons must enroll in a major ensemble. Students that do not have a major ensemble required for the duration of the degree should follow their degree requirements.

Any student receiving a grade below a C- in applied lessons will be placed on probation. A second semester of a grade below a C- in applied lessons will result, upon consent from the area, in removal from the major.