Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

CHIN 101 Elementary Chinese I

Emphasis on elementary oral/aural skills through conversational exchanges in Mandarin Chinese relating to everyday culture. For students with little or no prior knowledge of Chinese.

CHIN 102 Elementary Chinese II

Oral/aural skills in Mandarin Chinese are coupled with writing and character recognition related to practical knowledge of everyday culture.


CHIN 101 with a minimum grade of D-

CHIN 107 Conversational Chinese for Beginners

Introductory course in basic Mandarin Chinese oral communication in familiar, everyday contexts. Focus on listening and speaking, some character recognition, writing. For learners with limited or no prior Chinese language experience.

CHIN 116 Introduction to Chinese Civilization

Become familiar with the culture and society of Modern China through an interdisciplinary examination of China's past. Conducted in English.

Course Attribute

LAB3Soc&BehSci-HumBeh,Cult,Soc and LAIS-International Studies and GT Human Behavior & Soc Sys