Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

COMM 201 Inquiry in Communication

An introduction to communication inquiry; includes practice with skills of critical thinking, library research and social science techniques.

COMM 211 Argumentation and Debate

Study the basics of argumentation including reasoning, evidence and critical thinking. Practice the practical skills of public debating.

COMM 212 Professional Speaking

Practical experience in presentation design and delivery to facilitate understanding of a message and for influence of others.


(COMM 100 and COMM 101 with a minimum grade of D-)

COMM 220 Interpersonal Communication

An undergraduate course focusing on the philosophical and theoretical issues of self-perception and relationships as they are affected by verbal and nonverbal communication.

COMM 221 Nonverbal Communication

An overview of current theory and research in communication. The course will focus on nonverbal communication message systems and their impact on the communication process.

COMM 222 Popular Culture Criticism

Using rhetorical methods as a lens, this course focuses upon the identification and interpretation of persuasive messages found within a variety of popular culture texts including television, film, and music.

COMM 223 Intercultural Communication

Learn about the communication concepts and theories inherent in the process of interacting with individuals in cross-cultural and inter-ethnic situations.

COMM 261 Seminar in Communication

Investigate introductory issues of current concern for COMM professionals with subject varied according to faculty expertise.
1- 3

Course Attribute

Variable Title Course

Repeatable Status

ST - Repeatable under different subtitles and course is repeatable with a maximum of 6 credit hours