Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

COMM 324 Family Communication

Investigate family structure from a human communication perspective.

COMM 330 Small Group Communication

Apply problem-solving and decision making techniques and theories, particularly in the relationship between communication and group variables such as leadership roles and cohesiveness.

COMM 331 Organizational Communication

Study the dynamics of communication activities within an organization.

COMM 340 Rhetoric of Scientific Messaging

Systematic review of relevant contributions of rhetorical theorists for their probable impact on scientific communication.

COMM 341 Courtroom Communication

Investigate the relationship between communication and the law and legal argumentation and persuasion within courtroom advocacy. Analyze communication within the legal profession.

COMM 343 Persuasion

Investigate major variables surrounding attitude change and human persuasion.

COMM 350 Communication in the Classroom

Investigate communication theory and research related specifically to the classroom setting. Course content will focus on the development of self concept perception, verbal and nonverbal language and group dynamics.


COMM 201 with a minimum grade of D-