Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

EDSE 130 Student Teaching Application

Submit to SPED Office in one package: Application Checklist, PLACE or PRAXIS exam results, an unofficial transcript copy with EDFE 120 and EDSE 130 highlighted, and Major Content Approval Form. Subject to approval by Major Content Advisor. S/U graded.


(EDFE 120 with a minimum grade of S or (Completion of Applic for Full Adm to PTEP and Passed Required Praxis))

EDSE 170 Introduction to Field Based Experience

Supervised teacher apprenticeship experiences (assessing, planning, teaching students with special needs in collaboration with families, education professionals, and community members). School placements may be public or private, K-12.
1- 3


(EDFE 110 with a minimum grade of S or Completion of Applic for Initial Adm to PTEP)

Repeatable Status

Course is repeatable with no limitations