Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

EDSE 326 Behavioral Dimensions of Students with Exceptionalities II

Learners will apply the principles of classroom management, assess student behavior, and develop individualized behavior plans that promote positive affective/social/academic growth.




(Concurrent Prerequisite EDSE 328 or Concurrent Prerequisite EDSE 329 with a minimum grade of D-) and (EDFE 120 with a minimum grade of S or Completion of Applic for Full Adm to PTEP) and ((EDSE 201 and EDSE 320 and Concurrent Prerequisite EDSE 321 and EDSE 325 and Concurrent Prerequisite EDSE 443 with a minimum grade of D-))


EDSE 321 and EDSE 443

Course Fee

Assessment Fee Required