Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

International Transcript Evaluation

Students who have completed coursework at recognized international universities may receive transfer credit at UNC. The courses completed must be consistent in level, duration, hours of lecture, discussion, and course content with courses offered at regionally accredited universities in the United States. Students must be aware that for a majority of international institutions there is a conversion factor related to credit values.

Transcripts received from international colleges or universities must meet the following criteria:

  • The official transcript must be sent directly to UNC from the international school
  • The transcript must be in English
  • If the credits are not reported in U.S. or ECTS credits, a clear definition of the conversion to U.S. credits must be included
  • A clear definition of the grading scale must be included

If any of the above criteria is not available, the student must submit an official transcript to a NACES approved third-party evaluation service. The evaluation must include a course-by-course evaluation showing a list of each course taken along with the equivalent U.S. grades and credit value. Obtaining this evaluation is the sole responsibility of the student.