Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

Communication Studies B.A.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Location: Candelaria 1265

Email: HSS@unco.edu

Website: www.unco.edu/hss/communication-studies

Advising Information:

Students must consult with their assigned major advisor each semester prior to registering.

To find your advisor, log into ursa.unco.edu; go to 'Student' tab and click 'View Student Information' link. If no advisor is listed, contact the major program for advisor information.

The program consists of four parts:

  1. Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC) Credits
  2. Required Major Credits
  3. Required Minor Credits
  4. University-Wide Credits

Program Description:

A major in the discipline of communication studies allows the student to examine closely the many ways in which message exchange is the foundation of human societies and cultures. At UNC, communication coursework focuses on theoretical, analytic and practical aspects of human interaction. Students may elect to emphasize the study of communication in interpersonal, small group, organizational and intercultural contexts. Practical skills may be obtained in professional presentation, persuasion, leadership, and communication consulting.

Students completing this program may elect to apply for graduate study in the field of communication, to apply to law or other professional schools, or to begin a career with businesses who are interested in hiring people whose expertise involves human communication.

Program Admission Requirements:

Academic Good Standing.

Program Requirements:

  • Complete a minimum of 18 semester credits in 300- and 400-level COMM courses, with a minimum of 6 semester credits at the 400-level. A maximum of 3 semester credits of credits from COMM 422 and six credits of COMM 492 may count toward the major requirements.
  • Majors may count one course in a related discipline toward their communication electives. This course must be approved by their major advisor.
  • Juniors and Seniors with a GPA of 3.0 and higher may register for 500 level COMM courses.
  • Students in the Honors Program may count HON 351 and HON 451 as electives in Communication Studies.
  • Students who are not eligible for an internship are required to complete six additional credits of Communication electives.

Degree Requirements — 120 Credits

1. Liberal Arts Curriculum — 31 credits

Written Communication — 6 credits

Select any courses to fulfill this requirement from the currently approved LAC course list.

See Written Communication courses

Mathematics — 3 credits

Select any courses to fulfill this requirement from the currently approved LAC course list.

See Mathematics courses

Arts & Humanities, History, Social & Behavioral Sciences, U.S. Multicultural Studies, and International Studies — 15 credits

To complete the LAC in the minimum number of credits, be sure to choose at least one course with an IS designation and one course with an MS designation.

Select any courses to fulfill this requirement from the currently approved LAC course list.

See Arts & Humanities, History, and Social & Behavioral Sciences courses

Natural & Physical Sciences — 7 credits

Select any courses to fulfill this requirement from the currently approved LAC course list.

See Natural & Physical Sciences courses

See Liberal Arts Curriculum

2. Required Major — 36 credits

Take all of the following courses:

COMM 100Basics of Public Speaking


COMM 102Introduction to Communication


COMM 201Inquiry in Communication


COMM 220Interpersonal Communication


COMM 330Small Group Communication


COMM 343Persuasion


COMM 491Communication Theory Capstone


Choose six credits from the following courses:

COMM 492Undergraduate Internship



Any COMM prefix electives

Choose nine credits from the following courses:

COMM 211Argumentation and Debate


COMM 212Professional Speaking


COMM 221Nonverbal Communication


COMM 223Intercultural Communication


COMM 261Seminar in Communication

1- 3

COMM 324Family Communication


COMM 331Organizational Communication


COMM 341Courtroom Communication


COMM 350Communication in the Classroom


COMM 422Directed Study

1- 3

COMM 431Communication and Leadership


COMM 461Seminar in Communication

1- 3

JMS 490Television Criticism


3. Required Minor — 18 credits

4. University-Wide Credits — 35 credits

Complete additional credits to achieve the minimum credits needed for this degree at UNC; for this degree, that will typically be 35 credits.