Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

English B.A. – Liberal Arts Emphasis

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Location: Ross 1284

Email: HSS@unco.edu

Website: www.unco.edu/hss/english

Advising Information:

Students must consult with their assigned major advisor each semester prior to registering.

To find your advisor, log into ursa.unco.edu; go to 'Student' tab and click 'View Student Information' link. If no advisor is listed, contact the major program for advisor information.

The program consists of four parts:

  1. Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC) Credits
  2. Required Major Credits
  3. Required Minor Credits
  4. University-Wide Credits

Program Description:

The English major is excellent preparation for any profession or occupation that stresses language usage, such as writing and teaching-related fields. Graduates of this program will be prepared to enter a variety of professional and graduate level programs, including law, theology, medicine (with appropriate science and mathematics preparation), library science, communications, media and business.

Program Admission Requirements:

Academic Good Standing

Program Requirements:

  • Only two courses included in the Liberal Arts Curriculum may count for elective credit.
  • In accordance with University Policies, coursework earned more than 10 years prior to the date of matriculation to UNC may not be used to satisfy any major or minor requirements. Any exception to this policy is at the discretion of the academic program.

Degree Requirements — 120 Credits

1. Liberal Arts Curriculum — 31 Credits

Written Communication — 6 credits

Select any courses to fulfill this requirement from the currently approved LAC course list.

See Written Communication courses

Mathematics — 3 credits

Select any courses to fulfill this requirement from the currently approved LAC course list.

See Mathematics courses

Arts & Humanities, History, Social & Behavioral Sciences, U.S. Multicultural Studies, and International Studies — 15 credits

To complete the LAC in the minimum number of credits, be sure to choose at least one course with an IS designation and one course with an MS designation.

It is strongly recommended that English Liberal Arts majors select ENG 206 and ENG 236 in order to satisfy LAC requirements within 31 credits.

See Arts & Humanities, History, and Social & Behavioral Sciences courses

Natural & Physical Sciences — 7 credits

Select any courses to fulfill this requirement from the currently approved LAC course list.

See Natural & Physical Sciences courses

See Liberal Arts Curriculum

2. Required Major — 45 credits

Required Major Credits — 15 credits

ENG 195Introduction to the Discipline of English


ENG 295Approaches to Literary and Cultural Analysis


ENG 301Writing as a Job


ENG 345Literary Theory and Criticism


Choose one of the following courses:

ENG 218Introduction to Linguistics



ENG 219Language and Society


Elective Major Credits — 15 credits

200-300 Level Electives: choose five courses, including one from each category and at least three from Categories A and B.

Category A (British Literature)

ENG 380Medieval Literature


ENG 381Renaissance Literature


ENG 382Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature


ENG 383Romanticism


ENG 384Victorian Literature and Culture


ENG 385Twentieth-Century and Contemporary Literature


Category B (American Literature)

ENG 337Chicana/o Literature and Theory


ENG 370Colonial American Literature, 1492-1800


ENG 371Antebellum American Literature, 1800-1865


ENG 372American Realism and the Making of America


ENG 373American Modernism and the Crisis of Representation


ENG 374American Diaspora and Globalization


ENG 376Multiethnic Literatures of the Americas


Category C (World Literature)

ENG 205World Folklore and Fairy TalesLAA2LAIS


ENG 206Regional MythologiesLAA2LAIS


ENG 262Masterpieces of World LiteratureLAA2LAIS


ENG 263Western World Literature ILAA2LAIS


ENG 264Western World Literature IILAA2LAIS


ENG 325Studies in Fantasy and Science Fiction


ENG 375Literature and the Environment


Professionalization Module — 9 credits

Choose three of the following courses:

ENG 227Technical Writing


ENG 229Professional Writing and Digital Video


ENG 327Editing


ENG 328Professional Writing and Document Design


ENG 427Digital Editing


ENG 429Digital Self-Publishing


ENG 492Writing Internship


FILM 230Introduction to Filmmaking


FILM 350Advanced Filmmaking


HUM 320Digital Humanities


Upper-Level Electives — 6 credits

3 credits from any 300 or 400 level ENG, FILM, or HUM courses and

3 credits from one of the courses below:

ENG 400Special Topics in Literary and Cultural Theory


ENG 441Colloquium in Literature


ENG 495Advanced Cultural Studies


3. Required Minor — 18 credits

4. University-Wide Credits — 26 credits*

Complete additional credits to achieve the minimum credits needed for this degree at UNC; for this degree, that will typically be 26 credits, depending on the minor's credit requirements.

*Note: Students who apply the recommended courses to both the liberal arts curriculum and the major requirements will have an increased number of university wide electives to apply to this degree. See your advisor for details.

Accelerated (4 +1) English Liberal Arts B.A. and English M.A.

Motivated and high-achieving students may seek to complete the requirements for the B.A. and M.A. in English in five years. To obtain both degrees, students must complete all the requirements for the B.A. described in the Undergraduate Catalog (120 credit hours) and all of the requirements for the standard M.A. described in the Graduate Catalog (33 credit hours). However, the accelerated B.A./M.A. program involves 9 credit hours that are shared between the Bachelor's and Master's programs, so the total number of credit hours to complete the accelerated Master’s program is 144. Completing the requirements for both degrees is made possible by taking the 9 double-counted B.A./M.A. credits in the Senior year (paid for at the undergraduate tuition rate) and 6 graduate-level credits (online at the graduate-level tuition rate) in the summer following the Senior year and completion of the undergraduate program. Students remain eligible for financial aid as an undergraduate; any Graduate School aid is not available until students are admitted as a Graduate student.

Due to its necessarily streamlined path of progression, admission to the Accelerated B.A. and M.A. in English occurs in the fall semester only. Students interested in transferring into the accelerated program must:

  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 to take graduate-level courses as a Senior.
  • Meet with the English M.A. Director of Graduate Studies in the fall semester of the Junior year and apply during the spring semester of the Junior year (following the same procedure and meeting the same requirements as other M.A. applicants). Full admission is dependent on completing the B.A. requirements in the senior year while maintaining a minimum 3.0 GPA. The program application will be signed and forwarded to the Graduate School with signatures of the program advisor indicating the approval of graduate course transfer.
  • Complete ENG 500 Introduction to Graduate Studies in the fall semester of their Senior year, followed by two 500-level elective courses in the spring semester of that year. These are the 9 credits that are double counted within the accelerated program only.  
  • Fulfill all requirements as outlined in the two-year M.A. in English.
  • Students must apply for completion of their undergraduate degree the semester before completing their undergraduate degree (i.e. in the fall semester of their Senior year). To apply, students must be registered for all remaining courses in their final undergraduate semester (the spring semester of their Senior Year).

Outline for degree completion of the Accelerated B.A. and M.A. in English Liberal Arts — 33 Credits

Meet with faculty advisor or Director of Graduate Studies and apply for the program in the fall semester, Junior Year.

Fall Semester, Senior year

  • ENG 500 Introduction to Graduate Studies (3 credits) [double-counted]

Spring Semester, Senior year

  • Two ENG 500-599 courses (6 credits) [double-counted]

Note: Because students are required to register for their six 500-level spring credits while they are still Undergraduate students, they must complete the Petition to Count Work Toward the Next Higher Degree form with the Graduate School.

Summer after Senior year

  • Two ENG 500-699 courses (6 credits) - online

Note: Because students are required to register for the six summer credits while they are still undergraduate students, they must call the Office of the Registrar no later than the drop period for the summer semester to change their registration to graduate level.

Fall Semester, fifth year

  • Three ENG 500-699 courses (9 credits)

Spring Semester, fifth year

  • ENG 601 Advanced Theory and Research Methods (3 credits)
  • Two 500-699 ENG-coded courses (6 credits)
  • MA comprehensive examination