Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

Computer Information Systems

Kenneth W. Monfort College of Business

The Computer Information Systems minor is designed for students who wish to pursue collateral work in the computing, technology and communications/networking areas. Completion of the minor prepares a student to successfully employ technology and integrate information systems into their career activities. The CIS minor is attractive to students majoring in other areas of Business Administration as well as to majors from other schools and colleges. It complements their work in these other areas. The program is not designed to prepare individuals to become programmers or systems personnel, but does provide a broad exposure to the area of corporate information systems.

Minor Requirements — 18 Credits

Take all of the following courses:

BACS 287Graphical Interface Programming


BACS 380Networking and Data Communications Systems


BACS 485Database Management Systems


Choose 9 credits from the following courses:

BACS 350Intermediate Web Development


BACS 371Introduction to Computer Forensics


BACS 382Information Security


BACS 387Object Oriented Systems Development


BACS 392Systems Platforms and Network Development


BACS 487Systems Analysis and Design


BACS 495Special Topics in CIS

1- 3

Admission to the minor requires that a business major be in academic good standing in both the Monfort College of Business and the University of Northern Colorado. A non business major who wishes to add or change to a Computer Information Systems minor must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 on at least 15 credit hours and obtain written approval from the Department of Accounting and Computer Information Systems, Monfort College of Business, Kepner 2090. Nonbusiness majors who have a GPA between 2.25 and 2.49 may apply for admission from the Department of Accounting and Computer Information Systems, Monfort College of Business, Kepner 2090.

See “Course Prerequisites” & “Computing Proficiency” under Business Requirements.

BACS 495, Special Topics in CIS, may be used to fulfill minor requirements. It may not exceed 3 semester credits.

Students may transfer a maximum of 6 semester credits with a "BA" prefix toward the minor from other institutions.

To graduate with a Computer Information Systems minor, a student must attain a 2.0 or greater cumulative business GPA and attain at least a "C-" grade in each individual course required for the Computer Information Systems minor.