Graduate 2020-2021

Department of Geography, GIS, and Sustainability

Location: Candelaria 2200



Faculty: Karen S. Barton, Ph.D.; James P. Doerner, Ph.D.; James M. Dunn, Ph.D.; Katherine M. Johnson, Ph.D.; Phil Klein, Ph.D.; Jieun Lee, Ph.D.; Chelsie Romulo, Ph.D.;  Jessica Salo, Ph.D.

The Geospatial Technology field is considered a high growth industry by the United States Department of Labor. The Department of Labor's High Growth Profile report states the market for geospatial technology is "growing at an annual rate of almost 35 percent, with the commercial subsection expanding at the rate of 100 percent each year". This has produced a dramatically growing demand for GISci specialists. The ever expanding sophistication required for GISci positions has encouraged both graduating undergraduates and working professionals to seek out advanced geospatial training.