Graduate 2020-2021

School of Theatre Arts and Dance

Interim Director: Michelle Gaza, M.F.A

Location: Frasier Hall 105

Theatre Arts: 970.351.2991

Dance: 970.351.2991


Graduate Coordinator: Mary Schuttler, Ph.D.

Faculty: Monte Black, M.F.A.; Jerald David Blatt, M.F.A.; Kimberly Clay, M.F.A.; Michelle Gaza, M.F.A.; Brian Hapcic, M.F.A.; Rebecca Joy, M.F.A.;  Randall Harmon, Ph.D.; John R. Leonard, M.F.A.; Gillian McNally, M.F.A.; Mary Schuttler, Ph.D.; Anne Toewe, Ph.D.; Ken Womble, M.F.A.

UNC’s Theatre Arts program combines on line and classroom instruction with first-hand experiences in theatre education. General objectives of the University of Northern Colorado School of Theatre Arts and Dance are based on service and leadership in the arts at local, state, regional and national levels. An integral unit within the University, the School embraces the role and mission of the University and has designed its goals and objectives to support and enhance institutional purposes and directions.

Dance Education M.A.


The program will be delivered through both on line learning and on campus classes. The on line learning would take place during the fall and spring semesters, while the students would be on campus during the summers for face-to-face intensive classes. The summer classes would include three classes taught over a three week time period.


Requirements beyond UNC’s Minimum Requirements:

  • Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree and a strong desire to obtain a Master of Arts degree in Dance Education.

  • Those applying to the program would submit a sample of their scholarly writing for perusal. Scholarly writing could include writing describing curricula, lesson plans or research created or done by the applicant.

  • Applicants would also need to describe in detail how they would plan to actively use what they have learned in this graduate program in their own teaching situation or prospective teaching situation.

  • Students accepted to this program would be teachers or prospective teachers in Colorado and throughout the nation. There would, however, be an emphasis on accepting those who are already teaching in our state with the goal of improving dance education in Colorado schools. There is also the possibility of accepting international students in this program. (Dr. Sandra Minton is well-known as a dance educator in the U.S. and internationally and has been able, in the past, to attract Colorado, national and international teachers as students to her graduate level courses offered through UNC Extended Studies).

  • Students accepted to this program would not need to have completed undergraduate work in dance, although a background in dance as a professional performer or in dance studio classes would be helpful. Having an undergraduate degree in dance would be a plus.

  • If a student has had previous experience in the dance field, please briefly describe those experiences. Such dance experiences could include those from dance studios, public or private K-12 schools university programs.

Dance Education M.A

Theatre Education M.A.

Schedule: This focused program consists of two three-week summer institutes for 18 credits (9 each year); three 3 credit on-line courses spread out over two academic years, one 3 credit 500 level or above transferable theatre course, and 6 credits of thesis advisement for a total of 36 credits. While on campus in the summer, students will attend classes, and view or work on productions, Monday through Saturday for a total of 45 hours per week.

Admission: Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree and a strong desire to obtain a Master of Arts degree in Theatre Education. A teaching certificate is recommended yet not required. A minimum of nine and a maximum of twelve students will be admitted each year. The goal is that each class will reflect a mix of diverse backgrounds, experience and interests. Applicants must meet the University of Northern Colorado’s graduate admission requirements and apply by April 1. They must also submit an essay stating their goals for the program and discuss why graduate school is an appropriate choice in their careers at this time, a resume, and three letters of recommendation. Selection for the program will be made by the end of April. GRE is not required.

For degree and program requirements, see:

Theatre Education M.A.

Theatre Educator Intensive