Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

Coursework Counted in Next Higher Degree

While completing one degree, students may count a maximum of 12 graduate credits applicable to the next higher degree. Such dual enrollment is limited to two consecutive semesters. All credits applicable to graduate degrees must be earned within the time limits specified for each degree program. The initial date for the next higher degree will be the date of the first course credits counted toward that degree. Students will be accountable for the final examination in the courses taken for the next higher degree.

If students desire to count work toward the next higher degree, they must have:

  1. applied for and been admitted to the next higher degree program;
  2. applied for graduation in the current degree program;
  3. submitted a “Petition to Count Work Toward the Next Higher Degree” form to the Graduate School before starting any courses that are to count on the next higher degree. 

Seniors registering for master's degree work according to this procedure will continue to be classified as undergraduates until they have been awarded their baccalaureate degrees.