Graduate 2020-2021

Teaching Online Graduate Certificate Program (Non-Degree)

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

Admission Requirements

For admittance to the certificate program, students should be successfully admitted to the University as a degree or non-degree seeking graduate student. No other prerequisites or admission standards beyond the university requirements are needed. This certificate is independent of state K12 licensure. It provides documentation of extended training in online pedagogy. Applicants to the certificate program are reviewed on an open schedule. In alignment with the Graduate School standards, all courses must be passed with a “B” grade or higher.

This graduate certificate program is intended for degree and non-degree seeking graduate students interested in becoming effective online educators. It serves to meet the growing demands for online teaching skills among today's K12 educators. The program develops knowledge and skills in information technology, interactive and collaborative teaching strategies, online classroom management and communication skills, and knowledge of legal and ethical issues in online learning.

Prerequisites: Enrollment as a degree or non-degree seeking graduate student at UNC.

Certificate Requirements — 12 Credits

Required credits — 12 credits

ET 500Introduction to Instructional Design and Technology


ET 502Instructional Design


ET 613Teaching in an Online Environment


ET 692Internship