Graduate 2020-2021

Sport and Exercise Science M.S. — Sport Administration Emphasis

College of Natural and Health Sciences

See “Sport and Exercise Science M.S.

Degree Requirements — 30 Credits

Required Emphasis Credits — 21 hours

SES 560Critical Thinking and Ethical Considerations in Sport Administration


SES 570Administration of Sport Organizations and Employees


SES 576Sport Promotion and Marketing


SES 602Introduction to Research in Sport and Exercise Science


SES 650Financial Management for Sport Organizations


SES 675Sport Facility and Event Management


SES 688Legal Aspects of Sport


Elective Credits — 3-9 hours

Students are allowed 9 hours of electives in the master's program. After consulting with their advisor, students should select courses which contribute to their academic and career goals. The following courses are offered as a guide for elective course selection. Students should also review the Catalog for course options in their cognate areas.

SES 670Sport and Higher Education


SES 671Fundraising & Development in Sport


SES 676Sport Public Relations and Information Systems


SES 692Graduate Internship in Sport and Exercise Science

1- 6

NOTE: SES 692 may be used for up to 6 hours of elective credit and is designed to assist students in gaining experience in the sport industry and/or to bridge the gap between theory and practice. To be eligible to register for SES 692, a student must have 1) a GPA of 3.0, 2) completed (or currently enrolled) five required courses, and 3) completed 20 graduate credits.

Thesis Option

SES 699 Thesis (6 Credits)

The thesis option may be included as elective hours within a student's program. The thesis option requires the completion of a research study, including problems development with data collections and appropriate analysis. The thesis will be completed in a format consistent with UNC Graduate School guidelines. Students must request approval from their advisor to complete the Thesis and the Student's advisory and at least one additional UNC faculty member will comprise the thesis committee.


Non-Thesis Option

The Comprehensive Examination must be completed by all students who do not elect the thesis option. The comprehensive examination will consist of a non-sequestered written literature review and analysis paper. The written literature review will be focused on the content addressed in the Sport Administration emphasis.