Graduate Catalog 2023-2024

Nursing D.N.P. (Post-Master's)

Program Overview

College of Natural and Health Science

Site: Extended Campus/Distance
Mode: Online
Start term: Fall

Director: Melissa Henry, Ph.D.

Location: Gunter 3080
Telephone: 970.351.2293
Fax: 970.351.1707
Website: www.unco.edu/nhs/nursing/

The Doctor of Nursing Practice Post Master's concentration is designed for clinicians with an APRN certification. Graduates of the Doctor of Nursing Practice program will be prepared as clinical experts with a focus on the critical thinking, leadership and political policy skills needed to advocate and create changes in healthcare practice at the individual, population and organizational systems levels.

The Doctor of Nursing Practice prepares expert clinicians for advanced practice roles in hospitals, primary care clinics, specialty settings such as long term care facilities, and virtually any area they wish to practice within the healthcare industry. These highly skilled practitioners will be the leaders in healthcare delivery and care management.

Specific exceptions to the Graduate School requirements for doctoral degrees have been approved. Due to the clinical focus of this degree, rigorous academic standards are maintained throughout the program. To earn the Nursing DNP degree, students will be required to complete a DNP Scholarly Project instead of a doctoral dissertation. DNP students must complete the following as a part of the requirements for the DNP degree: a DNP Scholarly Project Proposal, the DNP Comprehensive Exam, formal Final Defense of the completed DNP Scholarly Project, and submission of the DNP Scholarly Project Final Document to the UNC Graduate School for approval as a graduate requirement.

Degree Requirements — 44 Credits

A minimum grade of ‘B’ or better or satisfactory in all nursing courses must be earned.

DNP Major Core Courses — 18 hours

NURS 618Epidemiology in Advance Nursing Practice


NURS 658Applied Nursing Genomics


NURS 668Population Centered Health Care


NURS 678Professional Practice and Healthcare Finance Seminar


NURS 700Advanced Nursing Theory


NURS 707Leadership in Health Policy


DNP Research Courses — 26 hours

NURS 616Leadership in the Measurement of Clinical Outcomes for Advanced Nursing Practice


NURS 725Translational Research Methods


NURS 726Introduction to the DNP Scholarly Project


NURS 727DNP Scholarly Project Proposal Development and Defense


NURS 798DNP Scholarly Project Practicum


NURS 798: All doctoral students must earn 12 hours to fulfill the requirement for the doctorate.

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