Graduate Catalog 2023-2024

Educational Leadership Ed.S. with Director of Gifted Education Endorsement

Program Overview

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

Site: Extended Campus/Distance
Mode: Online
Start term: Summer, Spring, Fall

Director: Linda R. Vogel, Ph.D.

Location: McKee 418A

Telephone: 970.351.2119

Website: www.unco.edu/cebs/leadership-policy-development-higher-education-p12-education/educational-leadership-policy-development/

The Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) with Gifted Education Director endorsement prepares educators who have a MA or above in Gifted Education and at least two years of experience teaching gifted students to assume the role of Gifted Education Director. The program includes educational leadership courses in school law, finance, supervision, human resource management, and organization development as well as courses in gifted education administration and supervision. Program completers are qualified to apply for the Gifted Education Director endorsement.

The Ed.S. degree requires 39 semester hours of graduate study beyond the master’s degree. Satisfactory performance on a concluding activity demonstrating attainment of program outcomes and approved by faculty, in accordance with Graduate School policy, must be demonstrated.


General Specialist Degree Admission Requirements

Program Requirements:

Graduate applications for this degree are evaluated by the Graduate School, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, and the School of Special Education. Entering students must possess a master’s degree from an accredited college or university.

Degree Requirements — 30-39 Credits

Research — 3 hours

PSY 644Motivation in Education


SRM 602Statistical Methods I


SRM 670Evaluation: Models and Designs


SRM 680Introduction to Qualitative Research


Educational Leadership Courses — 18 hours

ELPS 603Shaping Organizations: Management and Leadership in Education


ELPS 604Understanding People: Professional Development and Educational Leadership


ELPS 605External Environments: Social, Political, and Economic Influences in Educational Leadership


ELPS 650School Finance and Budgeting


ELPS 654Instructional Leadership and Supervision


ELPS 660Law and the Administrator


Gifted Education Administration Courses — 6 hours

EDSE 667Administration and Supervision of Gifted Education


EDSE 668Administrative Planning and Program Evaluation in Gifted


Field-based Learning — 3-6 hours

EDSE 669Externship in Gifted Education Administration


Elective Courses — Up to 9 hours to Fulfill Professional Needs and Interests

EDSE 683Nature and Needs of Gifted Learners


EDSE 685Differentiated Curriculum and Instruction for Gifted Learners


EDSE 686Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted Learners


ELPS 601Leadership Development Through Inquiry


ELPS 608Issues in Educational Leadership: Implications for Practice


ELPS 665Policy Analysis and Development


Additional elective courses may be selected from the Specialist in Gifted Education Endorsement Program in consultation with your advisor.

Program Notes

  1. Admission to this program requires prior completion of a master’s degree or higher in gifted education from an accepted institution of higher education or a graduate degree that demonstrates knowledge and application of standards for the Gifted Education Specialist endorsement. Students entering the program who do not meet this criterion will need to complete additional hours in gifted education coursework.
  2. Satisfactory performance on a concluding activity demonstrating attainment of program outcomes and approved by faculty, in accordance with Graduate School policy, must be demonstrated.

*This course, or an equivalent, is required to meet CDE standards for the Director of Gifted Education endorsement.

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