Graduate Catalog 2023-2024

Brewing Laboratory Science Graduate Certificate

Program Overview

College of Natural and Health Sciences

This 9-credit hour certificate provides preparation in brewing laboratory science. It is designed for those interested in obtaining work within the brewing industry, starting their own brewery or brewery laboratory, or continuing their education in brewing laboratory science.


General Graduate Certificate Admission Requirements

Program Requirements

Admission eligibility for the certificate program requires at least one of the following:

  • One year of commercial brewing experience; successful completion of an undergraduate certificate in brewing laboratory science; or
  • A bachelor's degree in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Geology, or related science.


Certificate Requirements — 9 Credits

Take 3 credit hours in each topic area:

Laboratory Science (3 hours required)

BREW 570Practical Brewing Science


BREW 622Directed Studies


BREW 695Special Topics in Brewing Laboratory Science


Experiential Learning (3 hours required)

BREW 579Advanced Brewing Laboratory Science


BREW 692Internship


Brewery and Laboratory Design (3 hours required)

BREW 580Brewery Operations


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