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Program Overview

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

General Licensure and Endorsement Admission Requirements

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The Administrator Licensure Program in the Program of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies provides opportunities for candidates to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for the day-to-day demands of the administrative positions that provide leadership for family-school-community efforts to improve education. The program not only provides opportunities for students to develop an in-depth understanding of district office roles and responsibilities, but also develops a breadth of understanding of leadership, policy development, local school governance, and contemporary educational issues.

Entering students who already possess a master's degree in Educational Leadership or a Principal License (or equivalent) need a minimum of 18 semester hours of graduate coursework and an internship (3 hours). The Administrator License requires completion of the leadership core (Please see “Leadership Core — 12 hours”) as a prerequisite for endorsement for the Administrator License. These core learning experiences may be satisfied by equivalent prior learning experiences.

This total 21 credit hour requirement is a minimum expectation for program completion. Required courses, however, may be waived by the division if a student has taken an equivalent graduate course within the previous eight (8) years or can demonstrate the knowledge and skills for a Colorado Administrator License (see Standards for School Administrators in Colorado).

Licensure Requirements — 21 Credits

Required Credits — 21 hours (minimum)

ELPS 606Internship in Educational Leadership

1- 9

ELPS 654Instructional Leadership and Supervision


ELPS 660Law and the Administrator


ELPS 665Policy Analysis and Development


ELPS 667Leadership at the District Level


ELPS 606: minimum 2 hours at central office and 1 hour with other agencies.

Take the following course:

ELPS 650School Finance and Budgeting


Select one of the following two courses:

PSY 674Measurement I: Classical Test Theory


SRM 670Evaluation: Models and Designs


SRM 665Data Analysis for Decision-Making


Program Notes

Teacher education and educator preparation licensure programs do not accept Professional Teacher Education Program (PTEP) or field based courses that are more than ten years old. PLEASE NOTE: Teacher Candidates have the right to petition this policy at the discretion of the program coordinator.

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