Graduate Catalog 2024-2025

Gifted Education Specialist Endorsement (Ages 4-21)

Program Overview

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

The Gifted Education Specialist Endorsement MA program prepares teachers at the elementary and secondary level to work with gifted and talented students in order to help them develop their full potential. This program also prepares educators to serve as building- or district-level gifted education coordinators. Successful completion of this program will allow teachers with a Colorado teaching license to add the Gifted Education Specialist Endorsement to their current licenses. Students are required to pass the approved Praxis exam prior to adding the endorsement. The program consists of the required courses and practicum requirements agreed upon by the student and advisor.

Federal student loans are not currently available to students who are pursuing a CO state license (initial or additional) through UNC's stand-alone, graduate level licensure programs without being simultaneously enrolled in a Masters, Specialist, or Doctoral program.

Requirements — 33 Credits

Required Major Core Credits — 3 hours

SRM 600Introduction to Graduate Research


Concentration Requirements — 30 hours

EDSE 664Diversity in Gifted Education


EDSE 665Advocacy in Gifted Education


EDSE 683Nature and Needs of Gifted Learners


EDSE 684Assessment and Identification in Gifted Education


EDSE 685Differentiated Curriculum and Instruction for Gifted Learners


EDSE 686Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted Learners


EDSE 687Program Strategies and Services for Gifted Learners


EDSE 688Communication, Collaboration, and Leadership in Gifted Education


EDSE 690Action Research and Reflective Practice in Gifted Education


EDSE 691Practicum in Teaching Gifted Learners


EDSE 691: Take 3 hours - Number of hours determined by advisor based on candidate's prior background and experience in gifted education.


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