Graduate Catalog 2024-2025

Special Education Generalist Endorsement (Ages 5-21 yrs)

Program Overview

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

General Licensure and Endorsement Admission Requirements

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This graduate-level endorsement program for preparing teachers to work with students with special education needs ages 5-21 years is designed for individuals who already have a current teaching license in early childhood or elementary/secondary education and do not require additional practicum hours to meet the state requirements for an added endorsement. Colorado does not require practicum hours for an added endorsement. The candidate is required to pass all state-required licensure exams prior to applying for a special education added endorsement. The program consists of the required courses specified in the student's program of study.

Federal student loans are not currently available to students who are pursuing a CO state license (initial or additional) through UNC's stand-alone, graduate level licensure programs without being simultaneously enrolled in a Masters, Specialist, or Doctoral program.

Requirements — 24 Credits

Required Credits — 24 hours

EDSE 510Foundations of Special Education


EDSE 511Content Accessibility for CLD and Students with Identified Needs


EDSE 512Assessment, IEP Development and Instructional Planning



EDSE 613Applied Assessment


EDSE 614Behavioral Interventions


EDSE 616Scientifically Based Literacy Interventions


EDSE 617Mathematics and Content Area Learning for Students with Disabilities


EDSE 618Educating Students with Significant Support Needs


EDSE 619Secondary Services


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