Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

Department of Physics and Astronomy Faculty

Jan L. Chaloupka, Ph.D.

(2009), Professor of Physics - University of Washington, B.S.; University of Rochester, M.A.; University of Rochester, Ph.D. (G)

Tyler A. Engstrom, Ph.D.

(2021), Assistant Professor of Physics - South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, B.S.; The Pennsylvania State University, Ph.D.

Ansel J. Foxley, M.S.

(2016), Lecturer of Physics - University of Wyoming, B.S.; Colorado State University, M.S.

Cynthia S. Galovich, Ph.D.

(1989), Professor of Physics - Stanford University, B.S.; Stanford University, M.S.; Stanford University, Ph.D.

Charles A, Kuehn, Ph.D.

(2015), Associate Professor of Astronomy - The Ohio State University, B.S.; Michigan State University, M.S.; Michigan State University, Ph.D.

Mariana Lazarova, Ph.D.

(2018), Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy - Sweet Briar College, B.S.; University of California - Riverside, M.S.; University of California - Riverside, Ph.D. (G)

Matthew Semak, Ph.D.

(2000), Associate Professor of Physics - Clarkson University, B.S.; Clarkson University, M.S.; University of New Mexico, Ph.D.