Undergraduate Catalog 2024-2025

Major and Minor Information

Website: www.unco.edu/registrar/

The catalog used to determine major requirements is the catalog in effect at the time the major is declared. A change of major will effect a change of catalog; a change of concentration is considered a change of major. Minors, additional majors, licensures and endorsements follow the major catalog. Regardless of a student's catalog year, any course taken at UNC after Summer 2006 may be used to satisfy a particular Liberal Arts Curriculum requirement if and only if it is listed as an approved Liberal Arts Curriculum course in the relevant area in the Catalog in effect at the time at which it was taken.

To change a major or minor, request from your advisor that they submit a Academic Program Change Form. The form will be submitted to the Office of the Registrar for processing. A minor cannot be declared unless a degree-seeking major has been declared.