Graduate Catalog 2023-2024

School of Special Education

Director: Corey Pierce, Ph.D.

Location: McKee 36

Telephone: 970.351.2691


Faculty: Sandra K. Bowen, Ph.D.; Paula W. Conroy, Ed.D.; Silvia Correa-Torres, Ed.D.; Tracy Gershwin, Ph.D.; Amy Graefe, Ph.D.; Francie R. Murry, Ph.D.; Lori Peterson, Ph.D.; Jason Robinson, Ph.D.; Nancy Sileo, Ed.D.; Todd H. Sundeen, Ph.D.; Jennifer Urbach, Ph.D.; Hasan Zaghlawan, Ph.D.

Course(s) Offered (Prefix):

Program(s) Offered:

The School of Special Education offers one of the most comprehensive training programs for special educators (undergraduate, master's, doctoral) in the nation. UNC is the only institution in a six-state region that offers degree programs in special education in all areas of exceptionality. Special programs associated with special education include the Summer Enrichment Program for the Gifted and Talented, the Bresnahan-Halstead Center on Disabilities, and an annual Special Education Summer Symposia Series in Vail, Colorado featuring renowned speakers.

Faculty in Special Education are nationally recognized, have published in their respective areas, presented papers at prestigious conferences and have many of their publications translated into several foreign languages. Numerous program and research grants provide support for professional development and student scholarships at the graduate levels.