Graduate Catalog 2023-2024

Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Graduate Certificate

Program Overview

College of Natural and Health Sciences

The certificate in FNP prepares the nurse who has an existing master's degree in nursing to care for patients in family practice across the live-span pediatrics, adolescent, young adult, adult, older adult, frail elderly in the primary care setting. An individualized post-graduate certificate program of study is determined by an evaluation of the student's previous course work and the completion of a gap analysis once accepted into the program. The courses will be selected from the FNP Certificate requirements. Upon program completion, the individual is eligible to apply for national certification.

Following national certification attainment the individual is eligible to be recognized as an Advanced Practice Nurse from the State Board of Nursing with all rights and privileges associated with this title. Health policies, OSHA requirements, CPR and ACLS certifications, and student malpractice insurance are required.

Prerequisites: Master's degree in Nursing. Advanced Pathophysiology, Advanced Pharmacology and Advanced Health Assessment. These courses can be completed at UNC.

Certificate Requirements — 12-33 Credits

Required FNP Certificate Credits — 12-33 hours

NURS 624Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Advanced Practice of Nursing


NURS 654Acute Care of Adults


NURS 656Care of Chronic Illness in Adults


NURS 674Care of Women and Pediatric Populations


NURS 675FNP Clinical I


NURS 676FNP Advanced Clinical Topics


NURS 677FNP Clinical II


NURS 689FNP Clinical Synthesis


NURS 690Advanced Professional Role


Note: NURS 689: Take up to 11 hours

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