Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

Leadership and Supervision Certificate

Program Overview

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

Department of American Sign Language & Interpreting Studies

The Leadership and Supervision Certificate Program (LSCP) is a 4-course series of online, specialized coursework designed for individuals working in or aspiring to positions as lead interpreters, mentors, supervisors or leaders within an ASL-English Interpreting system. It is a series designed to provide students with effective strategies and tools for addressing and managing real-world issues and challenges faced in a variety of fast-growing and rapidly changing interpreting systems. Problem solving and decision-making will be enhanced through the critical examination of cutting-edge research, theories and practice.

Professional Development Certificate Requirements — 12 Credits

Required Certificate — 12 credits

INTR 405Supervision of Interpreting Systems


INTR 406Leadership in Interpreting


INTR 460The Dimensions of Ethical Decision Making for Interpreters


INTR 461Conducting Diagnostic Assessments for ASL-English Interpreters


NOTE: A "B" grade in each of the courses must be achieved to earn the Professional Development Certificate.

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