Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of World Languages and Cultures

ASIA 116 State, Society, and Culture in Contemporary Asia

A survey of modern Asia in the aftermath of WW II to the present times with special emphasis on its geo-politics, internal as well as international politics, socio-economic development, society and cultures.

Course Attribute

LAB3Soc&BehSci-HumBeh,Cult,Soc and LAIS-International Studies and GT Human Behavior & Soc Sys

ASIA 216 South and Southeast Asian Literature

Surveys major literary works of South and Southeast Asia. Examines regional beliefs, philosophies, world views, traditions, and norms. Explores the adaptation of regional literature into other media.

Course Attribute

LAA2-Arts&Hum-Lit&Humanities and LAIS-International Studies and GT Literature

ASIA 248 Asian Musical Culture

Survey of the music of the Asian continent and their roles in society, religion, history, and politics. Examines theoretical systems, modes of learning, musical instruments, ensembles, and performance practices by cultural groups. Also examines significant genres in national and folk traditions. Explores the impact of westernization and modernization on musical cultures as well as new musical practices in the world music markets of the twenty-first century.

Mutually Exclusive Course

Credit allowed for only one of these courses: ASIA 248 and MUS 248

Course Attribute

LAA1-Arts&Hum-Arts&Expression and LAIS-International Studies and GT Arts

ASIA 392 Internship in Asian Studies

Supervised work experience in the public or private sector to allow students practical experience with Asian business practices. S/U graded.
2- 5



Repeatable Status

Course may be repeated 1 time

ASIA 475 Research Seminar

Capstone course in which students demonstrate a synthesis of learning accumulated in the major, and conduct advanced research on an important issue in Asian Studies, culminating in a senior thesis. Required for completion of Asian Studies degree.

Mutually Exclusive Course

Credit allowed for only one of these courses: ASIA 475 and FR 475 and GER 475

Class Restriction

Include Junior and Senior

ASIA 499 Asian Studies Thesis

Conduct advanced independent research in an approved topic in Asian Studies with an Asian Studies faculty member. Required for completion of degree in Asian Studies. S/U graded.