Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

School of Teacher Education

EDRD 408 Reading/Literacy Workshop

This seminar/workshop course will address various special interest topics relating to literacy education. Topics will include: literacy research, current trends in education policy, literacy instruction, and literacy leadership. S/U graded.

Major/Minor Restriction

Include Reading Major(s)/Minor(s)

Repeatable Status

Course is repeatable with a maximum of 8 credit hours

EDRD 410 Achieving Effective Instruction in Developmental Reading

Teaching/learning strategies, reading materials, selection, lesson planning and organizing for instruction in reading across the total curriculum constitute the focus of the course.



EDRD 422 Directed Studies

Individualized investigation under the direct supervision of a faculty member. (Minimum of 37.5 clock hours required per credit hour.)
1- 3

Special Notes

Maximum concurrent enrollment is two times.

Course Attribute

Variable Title Course

Repeatable Status

Course is repeatable with no limitations