Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

College of Performing and Visual Arts

PVA 152 Writing and Scholarship in the Performing and Visual Arts

A study in the basics of communication and scholarship in the music, fine arts, and theatre, with emphasis on problems of style, organization, logical thinking, and sources.


(ENG 122 with a minimum grade of D- or SAT Verbal with a minimum score of 630 or ACT English with a minimum score of 30 or SAT Reading Test with a minimum score of 34)

Course Attribute

LAW2-Intermediate Written Comm and GT Intermediate Composition

PVA 210 Introduction to Arts Entrepreneurship

This course has been designed to introduce you to entrepreneurship as a philosophy to guide you, the emerging artist, as you consider, launch and progress in your chosen career. Whether you choose to focus on theatre, music, dance, visual arts, design, or performing arts management, or any combination thereof, the intention of this course is to provide tools for your professional success.

Course Fee

Differential Tuition Required

PVA 220 Creative Thinking and Strategies

Creative thinking examined through the Arts in individual, and socio-cultural contexts and applied to careers in education, humanities and sciences.



Generally offered Fall and/or Spring Annually

Course Attribute

LAA1-Arts&Hum-Arts&Expression and GT Arts

PVA 499 PVA Capstone/Special Project

This course is for students who are required to complete a PVA capstone for their degree program, OR who are completing a PVA special project under the guidance of an instructor for credit. Each capstone is designed to target a specific topic for each student under the supervision of the instructor. S/U graded.


Course Fee

Differential Tuition Required and Course Fee Required