Graduate Catalog 2023-2024

Mathematics M.A. – Teaching Concentration

Program Overview

College of Natural and Health Sciences


Site: Extended Campus/Distance
Mode: Online
Start terms: Summer, Fall, Spring


Director: Jodie Dawn Novak, Ph.D.

Location: Ross Hall 2239

Telephone: 970.351.2820

Website: www.unco.edu/nhs/mathematical-sciences/

This program is designed to prepare teachers to be experts in their own classroom. Upon finishing this program they should be able to teach the content of mathematics, assume leadership roles in mathematics curriculum within their schools, and read and understand the professional literature relating to the teaching and learning of their discipline. The emphasis is on preparing teachers for the 21st century with a dynamic and individualized program of study.

See Mathematical Sciences


General Master's Degree Admission Requirements

Program Requirements:

Generally, a Bachelor's degree in mathematics or mathematics education with strong mathematics courses is required for admission. Students without a Bachelor's degree in mathematics are advised to consult the school for a list of recommended undergraduate courses they should take before applying.

Students must submit an essay of approximately 500 words addressing their interest in the Master of Arts in Mathematics degree program and their educational goals.

Degree Requirements — 30 Credits

Required Concentration Credits — 9 hours

MATH 534Continuous Mathematics


MATH 543Modern Geometry


MED 600Introduction to Research in Mathematics Education


NOTE: MED 600 satisfies the Graduate School requirements for Introduction to Graduate Studies

Elective Credits — 21 hours

Twelve semester hours must be selected from group A, six semester hours must be selected from group B and three semester hours must be selected from group C.

Group A (12 hours)

MATH 520Functions and Equations


MATH 528Discrete Mathematics


MATH 529Mathematical Problem Solving


MATH 537Mathematical Modeling


MATH 550Applied Probability and Statistics


MATH 564History of Mathematics


MATH 591Abstract Algebra and Number Theory


MATH 595Topics in Mathematics

1- 3

Group B (6 hours)

MED 523Teaching Algebra


MED 543Teaching Geometry


MED 550Teaching Applied Probability and Statistics


MED 555Teaching Secondary Math for Understanding


MED 560Culture in the Math Classroom


MED 595Teaching Advanced Topics in Secondary School Mathematics


MED 673Teaching and Learning Mathematics on the Elementary Level


MED 674Teaching and Learning Mathematics on the Secondary Level


Group C (3 hours)

MATH 599Mathematics Action Research Project Seminar


MED 599Action Research Project Seminar


Additional electives may be chosen from courses offered by the school or other schools with the approval of the student's advisor.

Comprehensive Examinations

A student may select either one of the following options to satisfy the comprehensive examination requirement. Normally, at least three faculty members will be involved in judging whether or not the selected option has been completed satisfactorily.

  • Option 1. A written examination over the three required courses and over one other course from Group B above (student’s choice). Up to two hours of oral examination will be given upon successful completion of the written examination.
  • Option 2. Completion of the Action Research Project involving the selection of a problem, review of relevant literature, plan, data analysis and discussion. A copy of this project must be filed with the School; in addition, the student must make a presentation of the project. Students who choose this option take MED 599 or MATH 599 to support their work on the project.

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