Graduate Catalog 2023-2024

Science Education M.A.

Program Overview

College of Natural and Health Sciences

The goal of this program is to enhance the science and pedagogical knowledge of professional science teachers in the K-12 environment.

For the research experience, students will complete a series of Action Research courses and are required to form an advisory committee with a minimum of three qualified faculty. These courses require research on a current problem in K-12 science education relevant to students' teaching situations. The student will develop goals, review relevant literature and plan and complete an action research project.

A research paper will also be developed with the assistance of the student's advisor and committee.

Degree Requirements — 30 Credits

Required Pedagogical Courses — 12 credits

ECLD 602Teaching Culturally Linguistically Diverse and Bilingual Learners


PSY 681Learning and Instruction


SCED 530Laboratory, Field, and Studio Safety


SCED 678Science Education Seminar

1- 2

SRM 600Introduction to Graduate Research


SCED 678: Take 2 credits

EDSE 509 or PSY 640 may be substituted for ECLD 602 with approval from your advisor.

PSY 500 or PSY 540 may be substituted for PSY 681 with approval from your advisor.

Required Research Credits — 6 credits

Take the following courses:

SCED 578K-12 Science Inquiry


SCED 695Action Research in Science Education I


SCED 696Action Research in Science Education II


SCED 697Action Research in Science Education III


OR take:

BIO 575K-12 Science Inquiry


BIO 697Graduate Research

1- 6

OR take:

ESCI 578K-12 Science Inquiry


ESCI 697Graduate Research

1- 6

BIO 697 and ESCI 697: Take 3 credits

Science Electives — 12 Hours

With input from your advisor, choose 12 credits of discipline content coursework with SCED, BIO, ESCI or other science prefixes.  

Program Notes:

Students interested in teaching dual enrollment should take a minimum of 18 credits in a single science discipline  (BIO or ESCI)

Students are required to provide an oral presentation of the research to the student's advisor and committee.