Graduate Catalog 2023-2024

Special Education M.A. – Deaf and Hard of Hearing Concentration

Program Overview

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

Site: Extended Campus/Distance
Mode: Online
Start terms: Summer, Fall, Spring

Director: Corey Pierce, Ph.D.

Location: McKee 36

Telephone: 970.351.2691

Website: www.unco.edu/cebs/special-education/

The MA degree in Special Education with a Deaf/Hard of Hearing concentration prepares professionals as a special education specialist: deaf/hard of hearing to work with children and youth with hearing losses ages birth-21 and their families in order to help them develop their full potential. Individuals who do not have a current teaching license are required to pass an approved elementary education content examination (e.g., Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects PRAXIS Exam #5001) or another state level elementary education test before being admitted to the Deaf Education Program. The program consists of the required courses and practicum requirements agreed upon by the student and advisor. Also, individuals who are not proficient in sign can enroll in the program and concurrently take sign courses. The Special Education Deaf/Hard of Hearing Specialist is required to pass a sign proficiency examination and an approved Special Education: Deaf/Hard of Hearing (e.g., Special Education: Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students PRAXIS Exam #5272) prior to enrolling in practicum.

Degree Requirements — 36-43 Credits

Required Major Core Credits — 3 hours

SRM 600Introduction to Graduate Research


Required Prerequisites — 7 hours

CSD 266Normal Speech and Language Development


CSD 370Basic Audiology


Ability to communicate, with intermediate proficiency in American Sign Language and/or a sign system.

NOTE: Advisor approved transfer credit equivalency may be accepted for the required prerequisite courses.

Required Concentration Credits — 33 hours

EDSE 510Foundations of Special Education


EDSE 511Content Accessibility for CLD and Students with Identified Needs


EDSE 512Assessment, IEP Development and Instructional Planning


EDSE 550Foundations of Deaf Education


EDSE 650Issues and Trends: Deaf/Hard of Hearing


EDSE 651Collaboration: Deaf/Hard of Hearing


EDSE 652Foundations of Listening and Spoken Language: Deaf/Hard of Hearing


EDSE 654Language: Deaf/Hard of Hearing


EDSE 655Literacy: Deaf/Hard of Hearing


EDSE 656Curriculum and Instruction: Deaf/Hard of Hearing


EDSE 657Practicum: Deaf/Hard of Hearing

3- 6

Note: EDSE 657: Take a minimum of 3 credit hours.

Program Notes

Students are required to complete a sign language proficiency test, which will be administered before each student's practicum placement or they must successfully pass ASL 202: American Sign Language IV prior to enrolling in practicum. Please note that ASL 202 may not be counted for graduate credit.

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