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Sport and Exercise Science M.S. – Social Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity Concentration

Program Overview

College of Natural and Health Sciences

General Master's Degree Admission Requirements

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Location: Gunter 2590

Telephone: 970.351.2755

Fax: 970.351.1489

Website: www.unco.edu/nhs/sport-exercise-science/

The focus of this concentration area is upon social psychological concepts as they relate to sport, exercise and physical activity behavior including motivation, self-perceptions, emotion, group processes and socialization. A lifespan developmental perspective is also taken to address these social psychological forms of influence in sport, exercise and physical activity contexts. Involvement in ongoing faculty research opportunities is encouraged. Research in social psychology of sport and physical activity is primarily conducted with individuals in natural or “field” settings. Students in this Master’s program choose between a Thesis Option or Non-Thesis Option

Degree Requirements — 33 Credits

Required Credits (21 hours)

SES 602Introduction to Research in Sport and Exercise Science


SES 624Advanced Developmental Kinesiology


SES 625Laboratory Techniques in Exercise Science Research


SES 636Motivation


SES 635Exercise and Sports Psychology


SES 665Advanced Sociological Kinesiology


SES 601Statistics in the Movement Sciences



SRM 602Statistical Methods I


SES 625: Laboratory Techniques in Social Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity

Elective Credits (3-9 hours)

Elective credits must have the approval of the program advisor and must satisfy the Thesis option or the Non-Thesis option.

Select one of the following courses (3 credits)

SES 619Advanced Biomechanics


SES 620Neuromuscular Structure and Function


SES 626Metabolism


Thesis Option (6 credits)

The thesis option may be included as elective hours within a student's program. The thesis option requires the completion of a research study, including problems development with data collections and appropriate analysis. The thesis will be completed in a format consistent with UNC Graduate School guidelines. Students must request approval from their advisor to complete the Thesis, and at least one additional UNC faculty member will comprise the thesis committee.

SES 699Thesis

1- 6

Non-Thesis Option

The Comprehensive Examination must be completed by those students who do not complete the thesis. The comprehensive examination will consist of a written portion, which will be sequestered. Comprehensive examination questions will be focused primarily on content addressed in the Social Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity concentration area. However, content from required research courses and from the student's elective coursework will also be included. It should be understood that the comprehensive examination and the thesis are intended to be of similar difficulty.

The following courses are recommended electives:

GERO 625Psychosocial Aspects of Aging


PSY 664Advanced Social Psychology


SES 680Perspectives in Sport Pedagogy


SOC 532Social Psychology and Group Dynamics


SRM 680Introduction to Qualitative Research


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